IKCO Trading GmbH offers quality services to their customers in such manner that creates a long lasting business relationship. Our company is proud of having professional personnel and extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Finance, International Business and Banking and Automotive Industries.

Our office is spacious to receive their guests in a friendly atmosphere equipped with modern facilities and networks.

IKCO Trading GmbH is working with more than 500 companies around the world which some they are among the biggest companies in the automotive and machine manufacturing industries. It is interesting to know that we have placed more than 4000 orders on behalf of buyers with suppliers which more than 1000 of them paid by documentary letters of credit established through our bankers in Europe (3 main German banks and 8 branches of main Iranian banks).

Our company is the place that more than 100 agreements and contracts signed between companies within Iran Khodro Group as buyers, and suppliers from around the world.

Our buyers in Iran benefited from our financial services which provided them with more than 100 million Euros forfeited letters of credit at very competitive rates.

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